Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

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🖤How does a diffuser necklace/bracelet work?

🖤Aromatherapy can work wonders on our body, mind, and soul. A few drops of essential oil in your diffuser is all it takes to induce calm and peace into your day instantly. ... An essential oil necklace/bracelet or aromatherapy necklace/bracelet is one of the best ways to carry your essential oils with you wherever you may go.

You drop 1-2 drops on one or two beads to diffuse. The beads are porous and soaks up the oil. It doesn’t get on your skin

❤️ made with real lava rock beads and hematite beads

❤️ lava rocks diffuse your favorite essential oils and are said to ground you, balancing out your emotions!

😍they do not come with the oils, oils are added to the bracelets to diffuse. What kind of oils? Any essential oils. 🙂

*please note you have to add the oils, but are not subject to, you can leave plain* * not sold with the oils. *